Passfoto-02The “European mutual help network for alcohol related problemswas founded in Hamburg and Brussels in 2003. It combines today 14 different self-help organizations for addicts and their families from 10 European countries,supporting around half a million people.

Our self-help organisations offer therapeutic assistance in the area of addiction and can complement a wide variety of other treatments. Mostly volunteer-run but in a professional way, each of our members offers a unique service.

Whilst the ways of working in each community is different, the success of mutual-aid is provable: with continued attendence in a self-help group, about 70 to 80 per cent of those attending with an alcohol problem remain abstinent. Part of this success is due to the support structure the group offers. With pride and joy we can therefore write about our work: Certainly it works!

Heinz-Josef Janssen, President of EMNA

Read more about EMNA and the benefit of Self Help in our Information Brochure: EMNA Information Brochure

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